Brand Story

Our story started when a young PIFD graduate yearned to return to her roots and culture; Multan the city of a fusion of heritage.  Hinna Mansoor is a celebration of the art you will find in every nook and cranny of this ancient city and the country, reflected in the impeccable craftsmanship of our unsung artisans. Our brand was born out of a love to memorialize the timeless grace and beauty of womanhood and the many roles she transitions into. Her journey is what we raise our glasses to. Every outfit is curated with the labor of love; every detail is unique to the product that is as special as our clients who are now a part of the Hinna Mansoor family.

We pride ourselves for being the pioneers of ‘couture stitching’ in Multan and our products are a testimony of the painstaking labor and effort that goes into every outfit. Original, handcrafted pieces stitched to perfection are what we strive to deliver.  Hinna Mansoor designs surpass eras and time as they sing the tales of ancient artistry, classic elegance and contemporary finesse tinged with nostalgia of what has passed and a promise of what is yet to come.